737R - Left Handed - Mag BF

Any orders placed from 4/17-4/19 will ship by next Tuesday the 21st! Thanks for your patience! We just got these back from nitride and I am busy assembling and final inspecting/function testing!



Choose the action that the pros use! We were the 2nd most popular action In the Precision Rifle Series for the 2017 season. Don't settle for pinned rails or recoil lugs. Our receiver body is a made out of one single piece of material, ensuring the most rigid end product with no chance of warping or your rail coming loose when you need it most.

Our main focus is supplying our builders with our products. However, we pull a small percentage of receivers back each month to sell from our store. If these are out of stock and you would like to be put on the list for first come first serve, please let us know by sending a quantity to Thanks for your interest!

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