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6.5 Creedmoor - Impact 737R/MPA, FDE Chassis

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You want a rifle with the most popular action, trigger and chassis in the the PRS and NRL during the 2018 season?! Here it is! Don't take our word for it, the results are in and here they are!


This rifle was put together using some of the most proven and popular parts in the precision rifle circuit today. The Impact Precision 737R is the only choice for precision riflemen who demand the ultimate in reliability and performance from their equipment. We have paired this action with most popular chassis on the PRS circuit today. This rifle lacks nothing, it is comprised of some of the highest quality parts available, all made in the USA. Choose what the pros choose, we are making it easy on you!

  • Impact 737R Action
  • Masterpiece Arms BA Competition Chassis in FDE (5.2lbs)
  • 26", M24 contour Bartlein barrel
  • TriggerTech Diamond trigger
  • Impact by Stuteville barrel, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Muzzle threaded 5/8-24 (comes with a thread protector)
  • No mag included (Action is compatible with AICS style magazines)
  • Weighs in at 13.9 lbs
  • Ships in a Plano Case, Shipping Included in price



The Impact Precision action was designed to be the action of choice for situations requiring extreme accuracy, durability, and reliability.  For today’s competitive shooter, long range hunter, military, or law enforcement sniper, the Impact Precision action is the only choice.


Design Features:

  • Receiver is one piece with integral recoil lug and integral 20 MOA picatinny rail.
  • Receiver is rough machined, heat treated, bolt races electric discharge machined, and finish machined to ensure exacting dimensional tolerances.
  • One piece bolt is designed with proper geometry and clearance to allow smooth operation under field conditions.
  • Fluting on top and sides of bolt body carry dirt away while a smooth bottom portion ensures smooth cycling.
  • Receiver headspace and index tolerance allows actions and barrels to be purchased off the shelf and user installed.
  • We utilize a mini M-16 style extractor
  • No more sending your favorite match rifle off to be rebarreled.
  • Rugged bolt stop design can take abuse while not requiring modification to stocks or chassis.
  • Remington 700™ style action footprint allows compatibility with most available stocks and chassis.
  • Trigger Hanger allows simplified field maintenance to the trigger.
  • Utilization of Remington 700™ style triggers allows a wide range of trigger options.
  • Black carbon nitride finish improves operation by increasing surface hardness and lubricity.


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