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Foundation Stock - MG1B - Dark Distressed, Inlet for Impact 737R

We now have full length ARCA rails to add with this product!

This is the Genesis model, w/butt hook, heavy/standard version. The stock pictured on the rifle (an MG1B in this picture) is a very good representation of what to expect with this color combo. Please understand that the actual color of the stock may vary slightly depending on the material of that particular stock.

Please select appropriate Inlet for DBM when you purchase this product!


Inletted for an Impact 737R and Hawkins DBM. Comes with 3.1" long pic rail. This stock will accept up to a heavy varmint contour. Color may vary slightly from stock to stock.

Foundation Stock are machined from a solid piece of micarta, formed through heat and pressure. This method gives us several advantages over traditional composite stock manufacturing.

  • The solid block of material gives us a dense homogenous material that is absent of any voids or air pockets commonly found in composite stocks.
  • The structure, density and stability allows us to machine structural geometry into the stock to create a balanced stock while maintaining high levels of strength and rigidity.
  • The high compression strength of the material allows us to build an action/DBM specific stock that requires no bedding or pillars.
  • The consistency of our material allows us to model and test stock changes reliably.
  • The material is very durable and stable in extreme environments. It is resilient to abuse and is easily brought back to its original luster if scarred.

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