Manners LRH (Long Range Hunter) 787-Long Action

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The new MCS-LRH stock was developed for the modern long range hunting enthusiast looking for the ultimate light weight adjustable hunting stock.  This is the perfect platform to start that dream precision hunting build or for competitors to build that light weight competition gun for the new long range precision matches like the NRL Hunter Series.


  • The average weight of the stock is 30 to 33 ounces with standard configuration of ½” premium, lightweight recoil pad and 3.5” ARCA rail. The weight will vary depending on inlets, additional hardware and recoil pad options.
  • All LRH stocks come standard with 3.5” ARCA rail mounted in front of mag well to achieve optimal balance
  • Full 100% carbon fiber shell
  • Narrow low-profile fore-end, accepts up to an M24 barrel contour



Another main feature of this stock is that they all come standard with a 3.5” long arca rail. The fore-end of the stock is actually designed around the ARCA rail. The rail is mounted on the bottom of the low profile fore-end directly in front of your M5 style bottom metal of choice. It actually wraps around the nose for a perfect show-line. By doing this it allows the rail to sit as far back and as close to the bore of the rifle as possible, this makes for the perfect balancing point when the gun is mounted on a tripod in the field for taking precision shots while still allowing the extraction of a detach magazine.

The action area of the stock is lowered so there is no need for a port or side bolt release cut to fit most actions. By not having to cut the port or side bolt release out of the shell; we can maintain maximum strength while still keeping the overall weight super low.

  • The new MCS-LRH also features a molded in bolt notch. By doing a molded in bolt notch we are able to reinforce this area of the stock for maximum strength while still keeping the overall weight super low.
  • Stock has dual ambidextrous thumb shelves
  • Greatly reduced overall size of the grip. The overall thickness of the grip was reduced while building up key areas in the palm swell to make it very comfortable for even the largest hands.

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