Right Hand 737R Replacement Bolt Assembly

This product is the complete bolt assembly needed to work in the 737R. Some guys like to carry a spare bolt at matches or just have a back up or have switch barrel rifles with different bolt faces/calibers. This bolt comes assembled and ready to use.

Parts Included:

  • Bolt Body
  • Stud and standard 737R knob
  • Firing Pin assembly
  • Extractor installed
  • Ejector Installed

We are now offering a .060 diameter firing pin version for more primer support when shooting ammunition loaded above normal pressures. The most recent batch of Gold primered 6 GT ammo may work best with this version as well.

Previous lots of the Hornady GT ammo have proven to work well with our standard bolt that has been used by the last 6 Precision Rifle Series Golden bullet winners, the 2020 AG cup champion and the reigning World Champion. The original, .068 diameter, pin offers a more durable pin under all circumstances tested with ammo properly headspaced and at normal SAAMI pressures. 

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