About Us

Impact Precision Shooting came into existence with the merging of modern manufacturing and today's modern shooters. As with most companies, Impact was conceived with people discussing the products they are interested in. While waiting to shoot at an Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooting competition, Wade Stuteville and Tate Streater started trading ideas about the wants and needs of the tactical shooter.

Wade Stuteville

Wade has been involved in long range precision shooting for 15 years. In this time he has gained experience in gunsmithing, product design, management, instruction and consulting in the precision firearms industry. He was the 2012 PRS points champion and finished 3rd in the 2013 points series. Wade is currently owner and rifle builder at Stuteville Precision in Shawnee, OK. Stuteville Precision is earning a reputation for being second to none as a precision rifle builder.




Tate Streater

Tate is Vice President of Tape-Matics, Inc. and the machine shop Superintendent. Winning the 2014 PRS Heat Stroke, the 2015 PRS Sniper's Hide Cup, the  2016, 2017 and 2018 Steel Safari put on by Competition Dynamics. Finishing 15th overall in his rookie year(2014), 7th overall in 2015, 21st overall in 2016, and 10th overall in 2017. Tate finished 6th overall in the Precision Rifle Series in 2019 and was the National Rifle League 2019 Finale + Season CHAMPION!! 



Robin Smith

Robin is the President of Tape-Matics Incorporated. Robin has spent every year in the outdoors hunting some kind of varmint and the challenge of making products for the shooter was an easy decision.

Tape-Matics Incorporated

Tape-Matics, Inc. is a modern machining facility with the latest machining and inspection equipment.  It has provided machined parts for the Aerospace Industry, The Dept. of Defense, Axle Manufactures, Oil and Gas Industry, as well as other commercial customers since 1979 and was incorporated in 1997.  Tape-Matics Quality Management System is AS-9100C compliant.