Preferred Builders/Dealers

Here at Impact, we strive to be the best at customer service all while delivering the quality products that we have become known for. We are primarily an action manufacturer, our goal is to make the most reliable actions available. Actions that are straight, concentric, square, aesthetically appealing and actions that are reliable. It is what we love to do.

Over the years we started offering pre-fit barrels in the most popular calibers, in the most popular contours and lengths. We even started offering spec rifles built the way we would want them to be. We understand that these rifles don't always have the specs that everyone wants. We have created this page to help better serve you, our customer, and help steer you in the right direction so that you can get the rifle of your dreams, the way you want it.

Over the years, the guys on the list have been aggressive in keeping the full line of Impact products in stock and they typically have components on hand ready to start your dream build. We highly recommend you giving them a call whether you are wanting a rifle, an action, or a barreled action. These guys can help steer you in the right direction, all while making sure your best interest is first.