Q&A Page

In effort to help better serve our customers, we are trying to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that you don't see below, please feel free to shoot an email to sales@impactprecisionshooting.com and we will try our best to get you taken care of.



Q: Who is Impact?

A: Impact is primarily an action manufacturer. We are shooters, we are hunters and we are machinists. Our machine shop has been around for over 30 years. Our main goal is to provide the most reliable action that we can produce all while maintaining a level of customer service that exceeds your expectations. We are a relatively small, family owned, God fearing, hard working business who loves what we do. We take pride in our work, we love our customers and the whole industry. 


Q: What trigger hanger is best for me?

A: For any standard trigger such as Jewell, Triggertech and Bix&Andy, we use a -0-. The action comes standard with it for a reason. Without exception, we install -0- hangers on 100% of our rifle builds. It is setup for what we believe to be the optimal firing pin travel.


Q: What is the lead time on a 737R?

A: We have actions shipping to and from nitride weekly. We are working as hard as we can to keep parts shipping at a rate in which we can still ensure the same quality that we have become known for. Actions typically are available from Impact weekly.


Q: Will a 737R Prefit fit a 787R?

A: No, it won't. the 787R has a different tenon design, and utilizes a 20 pitch thread. 


Q: I have tried calling and I left a message but nobody has called me back. What the heck?

A: This is a touchy one. We appreciate every customer, we really do. We try our hardest to take care of everybody the best that we can. The problem we are facing right now is that Khiana is constantly on the phone helping customers and taking orders. Tate is in the shop putting actions together, day and night. Most of the questions we are asked, need the experience and expertise that requires years of being in the industry to become competent. We are in the process of hiring new employees for both answering the phone and responding to emails. We simply can't compromise our quality or extend the lead time of existing orders to talk on the phone. We have started a preferred dealer/builder page and will be adding to it weekly until it is complete. The guys on the list are very aggressive at keeping actions in stock and have had monthly recurring orders with us for years. They are knowledgeable on our actions and can help you build the rifle of your dreams.


Q: Is such and such part in stock?

A: If a product doesn't say "out of stock," 99.9% of the time it is in stock. 


Q: Do you guys offer a MIL/LEO

A: You bet we do, we back the blue and love to help guys serving our country! All we ask is that you send in proof so that we can get you set up. We had some jack legs abuse this last year, please don't be that guy.


Q:  What caliber is best for me?

A: We are working on a HELP page for helping customers understand the pros and cons of each caliber and which one is best for their needs. The internet can talk you into or out of anything you are trying to decide on regardless of the subject. Steer clear of phrases such as "x,y,z is the best" and "x,y,z sucks". Every caliber that we carry has it's purpose. Most of the guys talking on internet forums are the guys that nobody will listen to at the range. We don't want to sell you a barrel for a caliber that isn't easy to shoot--we don't sell junk.


Q: Can I order a custom rifle through you guys?

A: Impact only offers rifles as spec rifles. If there is a spec rifle listed online and it is showing out of stock, we may be able to help you. We do not take custom rifle orders for rifles that contain parts that we do not commonly carry. We are building a "preferred builder" page that is listed on the home page to help you choose a builder that is familiar with our actions and builds custom rifles. These builders are aggressive and keep inventory flowing through their shop. They do not rely on our inventory.


Q: If I order a barrel and an action can Impact assemble it for me?

A: Absolutely, and we love to do so. Unless told otherwise, we always assemble and test fire barreled actions when they are ordered together.