TS Customs Hunting Stocks

Long Action - TS Customs KS1 Carbon Fiber Rifle Stock

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-Inletted for a LONG ACTION including the 787R, 777R and LA NBK!

- These stocks are inletted to perfectly hold any of our long action offerings, any other action may need modifications or may not look right.

-Impact 787 inlet, bedding block by TS Customs

-Proof Sendero Barrel Channel 

-Hawkins M5 Inlet 

-Integral picatinny rail up front, recessed to prevent snagging in a case or scabbard

-3 flush cups 

*We have full length and short ARCA rails available for these. They actually come with the hardware as standard, you simply remove the countersink screws, hold the ARCA in place and use the same screws to tighten it up.

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