October 30-31st - JTAC Precision Rifle Training Course (Advanced)

*** No Refunds***

***Transfers are from person to person for the same class ONLY– not to a later date***

 Registration link: https://practiscore.com/october-30-31st-advanced-jtac-class/registerfbclid=IwAR1BQNmK5exPAVAH7XfVMoO3ktVDsxmE4i3BDP1EWbyk3xrRFpErVYAIONI

This will the be JTAC Precision Rifle Advanced Training. We will train on everything you need take every shot with confidence! Expect the best training available as well as exceptional lunches served both days.

This training will take place on October 30-31st. Class will be hosted by Justin Watts, Austin Orgain and Clay Blackketter.
This will be an intermediate-advanced class. Expect about 1/2 day in a classroom setting. Bring a notebook and pen!
Once outside we will confirm zero and data before beginning hands on training in various aspects of shooting(if you can bring your rifle zero-ed with data already it will give us more time to train with you). Some of these topics include, but are not limited to, match preparation, stage prep, wind reading, troop line engagements, position building as well as free recoil and tripod supported shooting. We will also dive into mental aspect of the game which is one of the most important factors to consistently shooting well. Specialized training on what you feel you need most will also be a focus of ours. We will also be practicing on a mover!

Requirements: rifle/ammo capable of 1MOA or less. 200 rounds of ammunition.
Scope capable of dialing dope out to a MINIMUM of 800 yards.
If you do not have the rifle/ammunition we offer rentals.

Lunch will be provided on both days (you won't want to miss this).

Course is $1000/person
Location : Clay's Cartridge Co. Range. in Leedey, OK
Directions to the range will come ~ week before the class.