Long Range Hunting Rifle - 300WSM (scope available for additional price)

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At Impact, we take performance seriously. These rifles have been carefully pieced together to make what we believe to be the most shootable, long range hunting rifles available. We could make the rifle lighter, but we believe a rifle in the 9# range is ideal for most western long range hunting type scenarios. The way our parts are designed and manufactured, we can deliver a tack driving, custom rifle to your FFL in a matter of days. 


Parts to this build include:

  • Impact 737R
  • Manners EH1A in Scorched Earth, TS Customs bedding block
  • Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped barrel
  • 24", Rem Varm contour
  • Hawkins Hunter DBM 
  • 3rd Hawkins magazine included 
  • Threaded 5/8-24 at muzzle
  • TriggerTech Diamond Trigger at 1# (easily adjustable)
  • Group posted is an actual group shot with this rifle and pictured Hornady ammo
  • Actual test target will be supplied with rifle when shipped. 
  • Price includes shipping and a simple Plano gun case. If you would like to upgrade, we have Patriot cases available for purchase.
  • The way we design and manufacture our rifle systems, the end user can easily change calibers at home with simple tools. It is as easy as loosening and tightening a bolt. If you can't make up your mind on caliber, just get both!