Spare Trigger Hanger

Our trigger hangers are SPECIFIC for left and right handed actions. You need a right handed set for a right handed action and a left handed set for a left handed action. THEY ARE NOT REVERSIBLE OR INTERCHANGEABLE! This part number comes with a standard -0- hanger, 2 trigger pins and 2 screws. We send the -0- as standard for a reason, it is what we put in 100% of our in house builds.

Our action has more primary extraction built in than most other actions. This means that you can't push the bolt as close to home when you run it forward as you could on a standard REM 700. The con is a little more "cock on close" if you run the bolt slow motion. If you run the bolt like a man, you will never notice it. The PRO is more primary extraction. It is similar to shutting a vehicle door at normal speed vs slow motion. Run that bolt!

 ***We like them, but the TriggerTech Diamond is actually THE reason we quit sending the -15 as standard. It creates a higher probability of potentially having slam fires. We recommend the -0-

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