Here is a list of the current known dealers that have the new NBK in stock! We have more of these actions rolling through production now that could be the heart of your new hunting rifle in a matter of weeks! We have been getting great feedback and are excited to have more in the field!


Altus Shooting Supply

Mile High Shooting

OTM Tactical

TS Customs

The A Team - Contact: Brian Allen - (318) 372-3254



Based on the supremely popular 737R, the Impact Precision NBK brings you everything you love about Impact's flagship 737R in a lightweight setup ideal for your next hunting rifle. The short action Impact NBK utilizes the same barrel tenon/headspace specs as the 737R and can readily accept 737R prefit barrels. 


  • Receiver is one piece with integral recoil lug and integral 20 MOA picatinny rail.
  • Integral Recoil Lug is .240 thick
  • Action weighs in at 28oz
  • Overall length of pic rail is 1.865" Front and 1.765" Rear
  • Utilizes a mini M16 style extractor and plunger ejector
  • Receiver is rough machined, heat treated, bolt races are EDM'd, and finish machined to ensure exacting dimensional tolerances.
  • One piece bolt is designed with proper geometry and clearance to allow smooth operation under field conditions.
  • Fluting on top and sides of bolt body carry dirt away while a smooth bottom portion ensures smooth cycling.
  • Receiver headspace and index tolerance allows actions and barrels to be purchased off the shelf and USER INSTALLED.
  • Rugged bolt stop design can take abuse while not requiring modification to stocks or chassis.
  • Remington 700™ style action footprint allows compatibility with most available stocks and chassis. The KRG Chassis line requires machining for trigger hanger clearance!! 
  • Trigger Hanger allows simplified field maintenance to the trigger.
  • Utilization of Remington 700™ style triggers allows a wide range of trigger options.
  • Black carbon nitride finish improves operation by increasing surface hardness and lubricity.



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