.308 bf - Drop in 75 Degree Bolt For 737R, SA NBK and the SA Titan

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Sorry you don't get a fancy picture. I will get on Derek Duncan for that! We plan on making these in the short action configurations first. They will eventually be available in the other bolt faces sizes but I wanted to get some out there in .308 (because I had a lot of match ammo I could test with). Please understand we are growing and it is important for us to only grow as fast as we can grow well and continue our level of quality. These bolts will ship in the next 4 weeks. Please don't call in two weeks and ask where it is at.  Anybody that asks when their bolt will ship goes to the back of the list! Sorry! If you want a refund, we can make it happen quickly!

Currently only available in Short Action .308bf

  • Will drop in the 737R, SA NBK, and SA Titan
  • Will come standard with the new bolt knob ( A shorter, hollow version of a POOH knob).
  • More than likely we will have a roller cocking piece available for this in the future but not yet. I am very confident it will happen but please don't ask every 2 days! The lift is extremely acceptable in the 75 degree world.

Thank you guys for being awesome. We appreciate you guys for allowing us to do what we do. I look forward to seeing more of you on the range this year!



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